Wellness Care

Annual / Bi-annual Pet Wellness Exam

At Shaffer Veterinary Hospital, we firmly believe that the most important part of your pet's healthcare is an annual or bi-annual wellness exam.  In a wellness exam, Dr. Shaffer is able to assess your pet's overall health, look at all the major organ systems, and quite possibly prevent disease before it can become a health risk for your pet.

We know that our pets age much faster than we do, but with a strong veterinary partner by your side we hope to help you with the care of your pet from puppy or kitten-hood all the way to senior years and help your pet live a long and healthy life.

Life Stage Wellness

At our Crowley Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Shaffer's wellness programs are designed specifically for your pet and their life stage.  Each life stage wellness program includes:

  • a comprehensive physical exam
  • vaccination program
  • internal parasite testing
  • heart worm and flea control
  • spay and neuter package
  • and specialized blood tests.

Puppies and Kittens

Examinations, vaccinations, and de-worming are recommended every 3-4 weeks starting at 6-9 weeks of age and continuing until the pet is fully vaccinated. For young puppies and kittens, vaccinations should be given until the animal is at least 16 weeks old.

For older kittens and puppies starting vaccinations later, at least two doses of vaccines given 3-4 weeks apart are required for full protection.

Adult Dogs and Cats (up to 7 years of age)

Adult dogs and cats should receive a health examination at least annually. Your veterinarian will evaluate your pet's lifestyle and health risks and determine which vaccinations are appropriate for your pet. Dogs may need vaccinations for rabies, DA2PP (distemper, adenovirus type-2, parainfluenza, and parvovirus), bordetella, and porphyromonas.

A routine fecal examination should be done on all dogs at least annually. Dogs not on heart worm prevention that includes a monthly dewormer should also receive a broad-spectrum dewormer at least annually.

Cats may need vaccinations for rabies, FVRCP (feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia), and leukemia. A routine fecal examination should be done on all cats at least once a year.

Cats that go outside and are not on a monthly dewormer, such as Advantage Multi, should receive a broad-spectrum dewormer annually at the very least.

Senior Dogs and Cats (7 years old and older)

Many cats and dogs begin to encounter age-related physical changes between seven and ten years of age. Senior dogs and cats should receive semiannual examinations, so that disorders can be found and treated early, and ongoing medical conditions can be evaluated.

We may recommend additional tests, such as blood work, urinalysis, blood pressure readings, or radiographs to monitor your pet's health. This care is necessary to keep your senior pet in the best possible health for the longest possible time.

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