Quick and Reliable Lab Test Results

In-House Laboratory

Shaffer Veterinary Services in Crowley, Texas is equipped with the latest complete laboratory equipment and technology to better provide our patients and clients with quick and reliable lab test results.

This reduces the amount of time for acquiring information and data to obtain a diagnosis for an ailment, condition, pre-surgical or pre-anesthesia information, or just their general status of health.

The lab is capable of doing the more routine tests like CBC, blood chemistry for organ function, urinalysis, checking for intestinal parasites, and heartworm testing. We can also perform more specialized tests as well:

  • thyroid screening
  • liver function
  • adrenal function
  • pancreatic function
  • coagulation function
  • and test for parvo viral gastroenteritis

If a patient requires more specific and specialized laboratory tests the samples will be sent to a veterinary laboratory.

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